Shining Stars Inc.
"Because Everyone Deserves to be a Shining Star"
About Us       

Allisha Clark
Allisha Clark President /CEO :
Allisha Clark was born and raised in Brockton Mass. She is one of 3. Her youngest sister and inspiration Michelle was born with Autism and Cerebral Palsy. Allisha attended the University of Massachusetts where she received her Bachelor’s in Political Science. After, receiving her undergraduate degree Allisha went on to gain her juris doctorate at Roger Williams School of Law. Allisha has been a court mediator for the state of Rhode Island, as well as, working in the Title Insurance field since she passed the Massachusetts bar in 2009. However, two years ago at a neighborhood barbeque everything changed when Allisha and Tiffani met and started to discuss the many frustrations and down falls of the school system and current programs. Out of this friendship an idea flourished to create a center where all individuals with multiple handicaps would be accepted and would have a place to cultivate their own unique abilities. Now both Allisha and Tiffani are devoted to making sure that no one will fall through the cracks ever again. 


Tiffani Botelho
was born and raised in Brockton Mass. She is one of 2. Her younger brother and inspiration Patrick was born with Down ’s syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. As well as being a loving sister, Tiffani is a loving-devoted wife to Jason and mother of 2 Madison and Jordan. 

When her mother passed away at the age of 32, Tiffani’s whole world changed.  She realized she needed to help her family raise Patrick.  Tiffani never gave up on him and knew one day he would help her give back.   After, graduating Brockton High School in 2001, Tiffani went on to attend American Intercontinental University Online where she received her Associates Degree in Business Administration.
However, Tiffani’s life took a new path yet again about 2 years ago when Tiffani and Allisha met and started discussing their lives.  Together, Tiffani and Allisha soon realized that they had so much in common and how they wanted to make a difference in the lives of children and adults with multiple severe disabilities.  

Tiffani realizes that every day is a struggle for children and adults like Patrick.
They are the most caring, kind and loving individuals that just want to be shown in society for their personalities and not stereotyped for their disability.  Until you get to know someone with a “special” disability, you cannot understand how truly unique these individuals are. Throughout the years, Tiffani has seen the challenges that these individuals have faced. This is why Tiffani has decided to partner up with her friend, Allisha and make a difference in these individual’s lives and create a loving organization such as Shining Stars, Inc.  


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